Sunday, July 31, 2016

#Remus Hexacone Titanium Slip-On Exhaust for BMW R1200RT-LC - Moto Mouth #10!

A milestone? 10 episodes already? Yes, indeed! Check it out...


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

More Arrivals

Here's one from Das Rally - A Reevu full face with an integrated rear view mirror. Nifty idea! It just arrived today. We'll see how it performs on the road. I've been very busy on my top secret article for MCN, and finished draft 1 today after work. It needs some finishing touches and some pictures, but I am hopeful that it will do justice to the subject matter!


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Motoport Marathon Kevlar Air Mesh Jacket Review is Up!

The Motoport Marathon jacket review is up here:

I finished the Remus Hexacone video today too - or so I thought - I never plugged the mic into the recorder, so I got all the video, but no sound. Aaaauuuggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!


Friday, July 22, 2016

Remus Hexacone

The #Remus #Hexacone test is all done and handed in to MCN. It's probably just going to squeak into the September issue, which means I need to hustle if I'm going to make a video for it. The Remus will have to be Episode 10, then. I hope the readers tune into my Youtube channel to hear the pipe for themselves. I'm split on it - I love the extra bark when blasting around the mountain roads and riding more aggressively, but on the highway for my extended commute at speed, I wish I had the stock (quieter) silencer on. It's such a subjective issue.

Still working on my top secret non-product related article and suffering from writer's block and lack of organization in the piece. Usually what I do there is write little parts and then put them together later when my brain starts working again (which it does, on rare occasion.)


Monday, July 18, 2016

Buried Alive!

So, it went from running on fumes to overflowing in a matter of weeks, and much more is on the way!

In the hopper right now:

Moto Mouth Moshe Episode #9 - Motoport Marathon Kevlar jacket for this coming Sunday

TPX Radar Detector for Motorcycle Consumer News (installing tomorrow at R1200RT 18k Service!)
SENA 10C Comm for Rider
Remus Hexacone exhaust for Motorcycle Consumer News
Sidi Deep Rain boots for Motorcycle Consumer News
Motoport Racing gloves for Motorcycle Consumer News
Aerostich Utility Pants with TF3 pads for Motorcycle Consumer News
Aerostich Protekt Khakis and Jeans for Motorcycle Consumer News
LD Comfort Base Layers for Motorcycle Consumer News
Admore Lights light bar for Motorcycle Consumer News (installed on my friend Matt's R1200R)
Held Carese II jacket for Motorcycle Consumer News
Scorpion EXO-GT3000 modular helmet for Motorcycle Consumer News
Custom Farkle Bar for R1200RT for Motorcycle Consumer News

And a very special top secret full feature story for MCN that is NOT a product review!

Lots more on the way from new contacts at Das Rally as well. So I'm going to be a busy bee for the next few months!


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Moto Mouth Moshe #8 - #Klim #Induction summer glove review

Hello All-

450 miles of NY/PA/NJ twisties on the way home from #DasRally today. Why can't every day be this much fun? I've got a pile of work in front of me now - came home to a few boxes from my friends at #Aerostich and a few other odds and ends. I was running close to dry, and now I've got too much to test!

The new Klim Induction video is up here: 

More soon - I'm exhausted!


Saturday, July 16, 2016

#DasRally Day 3!

Das Rally is over, FAR too soon! It was so much fun - everyone was so friendly and helpful. I spent another day with the vendors - no riding today. Can't talk yet about the subject of an upcoming feature article, but I had extensive interviewing to do.

A few more products came in for review, so I've gone from running dry to being overwhelmed with testing to do, not to mention videos for the Moto Mouth channel. Lots and lots of work to do, but first, there is the ride home tomorrow!

Here are some cool bikes from the vintage stand today.....


Friday, July 15, 2016

#DasRally Day 2!

We managed to tear ourselves away from the vendors for a bit (which was hard) in order to explore upstate NY. Beautiful "invisible" roads all over the place - the stuff of moto-dreams! Here are some pictures from today....

At every BMW Rally, you see an artful example of customized fabrication, like the above. Check out that front brake!

6,000 BMWs - and all is operating like clockwork...

Finally got to hit the road today - and it's fantastic up here!

#DasRally Day 1

What a fun first day at #DasRally!

Met lots of old friends I haven't seen in years, and made some new ones. I spent the whole day talking to vendors about new products and technologies that are going to potentially change motorcycling forever!

 The antique display had loads of awesome old BMW, as well as a WWII experimental Harley with a flat twin engine!

Klaus Hueneke's incredible Munch from Germany...

With Andrew Serbinski of Machineart Moto, and his tricked out R1200RS....

With Jim Morabito of King of Fleece, and photobomb by the legendary motorcycle seat craftsman Rocky Mayer.

With Carl Reese, the Guinness World Records record-holding professional endurance rider....

Glen Stasky of Clearwater Lights....

Small world: I sold my Sapphire Back 2009 R1200RT back in 2014, and its current owner somehow recognized my 2015 RT in the parking lot and snapped this picture of the two bike together!

Hopefully, today we'll get some riding in....


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Made It To Hamburg for #DasRally!

Hello All-

400+ miles of pure backroads through NJ/PA/NY, and we finally arrived in Hamburg around 7:30pm. So many BMWs swarming around in this little town. It got me thinking - I haven't been to an MOA rally since 2006! I rode in and camped with my then-girlfriend (now wife - 2 kids later!) We got soaked that year....

Today was fun, but exhausting. We only took a few pics on the way in....

Testing the SENA 10C on this trip, so hopefully I'll have some videos soon. I'm going to sleep now - busy day tomorrow!


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

BMW Motorcycle Owners of America #DasRally - Heading Up Tomorrow!

At last! Das Rally has arrived. My friend Matt (2013 R1200R) and I are taking off tomorrow at 8am. Matt is into routing, and has designed a 12 hour route to take us all the way to Hamburg, NY with zero highway. I have no idea how he did it, but I'm happy to follow along. I'll be posting plenty of pics and info from the rally, especially on Facebook


Monday, July 11, 2016

New Arrivals - Scorpion EXO-GT3000

Hello All-

The Motoport Kevlar Air Mesh Overpants video generated more questions and feedback than any other so far - good! That means I should do the jacket soon, too. A #Scorpion EXO-GT3000 modular helmet showed up today as well. It's very comfy so far, and I can't wait to put it through its paces.

But most of all, I can't wait to go to #DasRally in Hamburg, NY. The BMW-MOA's annual rally is going to be so much fun! Over 100 vendors, old friends, and new folks I'm anxious to meet from our forum discussions. Just one day left before we depart!


Sunday, July 10, 2016

#Motoport Air Mesh Kevlar Overpants Review Is Up!

Hello All-

Moto Mouth #7 is up, and focuses on Motoport's Air Mesh Kevlar Overpants, originally tested for the June 2012 issue of Motorcycle Consumer News. These pants are a substantial investment, so I put this together so people can see how they've held up after years of abuse!

It was fun making this video, because for the first time I took the armor out of the pants, and duct-taped them to the outside so viewers could see the extensive coverage offered by the huge pads. My friend Matt acted as the model while I shot the overview scenes.
The BMW MOA #DasRally is this week! It will be 4 solid days of nothing but bikes, farkles, accessories, and riding - can't wait!!

Here are the links--

Original MCN Article:



Friday, July 8, 2016

Things Are Starting To Roll In....

Held's innovative and fairly complex #Carese II arrived today. I'm still exploring all the different layers and zippers. 14 vents! Some held open with rare earth magnets, instead of snaps. What will they think of next? This one's for a Motorcycle Consumer News review. Bring on the weather!

-Moshe K. Levy

Thursday, July 7, 2016

An Avalanche

"Real" work has been busy of late, so not much blogging time, but I'm running out of gear to test! I've been spending my evenings scoping out new stuff and working with vendors to secure new products to review. I should be "avalanched" soon, I hope! I need to make a Moto Mouth video this week, but haven't decided on a test subject yet. Within a few weeks I will run out of "old" things to show, and will have to switch over from durability reports to functional ones based on new published articles.


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Dainese Carroarmato Functional Overview and Durability Report Is UP!

Moto Mouth Episode #6 is live, this time focusing on Dainese's Carroarmato boots, originally tested for BMW Owner's News magazine August 2015 issue. "Carroarmato" means "tank" in Italian - did these boots live up to their name? Take a look!


Saturday, July 2, 2016