Sunday, September 25, 2016

Reevu MSX1 Rear View Helmet Review

Hello Everyone-

This week's Moto Mouth delves deep into Reevu's latest MSX1 Rear View Full Face helmet. This lid has a purely mechanical rear view system built into the shell, which allows the rider a continuous 180 degree rear view! Is this functional, or just hype? Tune in to find out!


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Changes in the Works...

Big changes coming.

After 22 years I am leaving my "real job" at the end of the month, and moving onto something new and exciting. It will very likely occupy all of my time for the first few months, but I will endeavor to keep on writing and making my videos as usual. Ironically, I think it's the videos that helped get me this new job!

I've got 3 new articles in the works - an in-depth look at Spiegel, which I've determined is in fact the Ace Cafe of the east coast USA, except with far better food. There are so many interesting angles to the story, and the owner of the place is a true enthusiast!

Then, a review of the Stayin' Safe road-riding school, which is coming up the first weekend of October. I just bought another Go-Pro so I can try to film things from multiple angles.

I've also been invited to the formal unveiling of the BMW Scrambler in early October as well. The common denominator in all of these stories is they involve being on-site, so it looks like some of the Moto Mouth videos are going to start being travel / on-location pieces. Let's see if the viewers like it!

We've just surpassed 450 subscribers and almost 22,000 page views as of today. Not bad for a few months!

This Sunday's episode on the Moto Mouth channel is going to focus on the Reevu MSX1 rear-view full face helmet. I just submitted the formal article to Thunder Press a few weeks ago, and this video will allow the readers to see what the rider sees as he/she looks backwards. It was very, very difficult to film properly because of all the weird angles involved, but I did the best I could using the Iphone's cam, which seemed to work best.

Tune in this Sunday night by 11pm EST!


Sunday, September 18, 2016

#Clearwater Sevina Dimmable LED Light Kit Review

Here it is - I review the biggest, baddest LED light kit in all of motorcycledom - the #Clearwater Sevinas!


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

My Motorcycle Relief Project article in Motorcycle Consumer News

Hello All

Every once in awhile, I'm allowed to stretch my legs a little and write about more than just product reviews. Recently, I had the chance to interview some wounded warriors from our armed forces - men who have been through hell and back. Hearing their harrowing stories changed my world perception in profound ways, as did learning about a special charity which has been helping these vets get back on their feet, using the healing power of.... motorcycles. Specifically, GS motorcycles! GS motorcycles - successfully restoring sanity where all the shrinks, the VA, pills, therapy, and everything else completely failed.

I'm proud of this new article called "Winning The Inner Battle," which came out in Motorcycle Consumer News today, and I hope with the publicity it generates, in some small way, I can help these men who have fought for our country and now need us to stand behind them.Thanks to endurance rider Carl Reese for introducing me to MRP Founder Tom Larson at the BMW MOA Das Rally this past July, which allowed me this opportunity!

Tom Larson - Motorcycle Relief Project Founder


PS - I know some of you out there were once Motorcycle Consumer News subscribers, and let your subscriptions lapse when things got rocky last year. Good news: The new editor (David Hilgendorf) has been busy getting things fired up again. Page count is back up where it used to be. All the heavyweights are back: David Hough, Fred Rau, Dave Searle, etc. We've got legal and medical perspective in every issue, and now big features like this MRP article and interviews with industry insiders in every issue. MCN is now so much more than just product reviews. Consider resubscribing if you left, because it's shaping up to be better than ever.

Monday, September 12, 2016

#Motoport Racing Gloves review

Hello All-

Here's the latest - Motoport Racing Gloves review. Should be in Motorcycle Consumer News in the next month or two!


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Coming Up This Sunday.... Motoport Racing Gloves review!

Coming up this Sunday night, I'm going to put the #Motoport Racing Gloves through their paces, and also take the opportunity to talk to my viewers about the development of the Moto Mouth channel on Youtube

I've got a few new projects in the works, and I'm most excited about a profile I'm going to write about Spiegel in NYC. As far as I'm concerned, the East Coast is finally getting its own version of the Ace Cafe. At last!


Monday, September 5, 2016

Harley Davidson FXRG Switchback Jacket review....

Hello All-

Here's my functional overview and durability report on the #Harley FXRG Switchback jacket...


Friday, September 2, 2016

Coming up this Sunday - Harley-Davidson's FXRG Switchback Jacket!

This Sunday's Moto Mouth will focus on Harley's FXRG Switchback jacket, which I originally tested for Thunder Press July 2016. This jacket promises full 4 season performance with traditional American "cruiser jacket" styling. Did it deliver? Tune in to find out!